Sailing into 2017

2016- The boat sailed, undaunted by waves Flowers still bloomed, unintimidated by trampling forces The sun continued to illuminate all without exception. 2017- The light shines brighter More flowers bloom The waves become a joy ride. Happy sailing! 🙂 What are your feelings towards the new year? (Thumb inserted for scale)   Advertisements

Why should I care?

We often hear, “People don’t care.” So does it matter what I do? Does it matter what difference I try to make? This reminds me of a favourite Greek proverb. “Enas koukos de fernei tin anoixi” is a Greek proverb, which in English translates as “One cuckoobird does not bring spring.” I think there are two […]


So many entries in May, and none in June! Lest I slip back into blogging inertia, here we go.. Doing things all by yourself, especially those things that you thought you needed company for, is the most liberating feeling ever! Suddenly you discover this part of yourself that is not driven by the need to […]


In the words of Marcel Proust,“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” Our mind is capable of seeing the same situation from different perspectives. And as I am learning, developing the ability to understand different perspectives is really important. Why? Well at a personal level, it […]

Beginning of my tryst with surrealism

Visually blown away by Coldplay’s latest ‘Up&Up’, I remembered how much surrealism stimulates my mind. I still have a long way to go to get it right, but about two years ago, I attempted to make my first surreal painting: Surreal enough to be classified as surreal? 😛  Inspiration came from the following experience in […]

The staring game – part 2

How does sky-gazing make you feel? It connects me to a deeper, more expansive part of my being, that is capable of embracing everything for what it is. And well it make me poetic 🙂   Eyes hooked on to the sky. Shapes, formations, hues and tones Merging together Yet dynamic By the strokes of the […]