Why should I care?

We often hear, “People don’t care.” So does it matter what I do? Does it matter what difference I try to make? This reminds me of a favourite Greek proverb. “Enas koukos de fernei tin anoixi” is a Greek proverb, which in English translates as “One cuckoobird does not bring spring.” I think there are two ways of looking at this – one is a mindset of powerlessness – that one person alone cannot make a difference. The other side of it: one person in fact can make a difference by taking responsibility and inspiring others, and in that sense it is when one person takes responsibility, that it sets off a chain reaction to enable the arrival of ‘spring’. To me the later is a mindset of optimism, but optimism based on taking action, not optimism based on wishful thinking. Taking action is mostly never easy, but when I feel powerless, I have made this (incidentally this was created in Greece) to remind myself of what difference I can make..

Your thoughts? 🙂




One thought on “Why should I care?

  1. If everyone keeps thinking that one bird can’t bring spring, then the spring shall never arrive.Your post reminds me of the quote that I have been living by for sometime now “If you want something that you never had, do something that you have never done.” So can’t sit hand on hand and wait for the world to change.

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