So many entries in May, and none in June! Lest I slip back into blogging inertia, here we go..

Doing things all by yourself, especially those things that you thought you needed company for, is the most liberating feeling ever! Suddenly you discover this part of yourself that is not driven by the need to be with someone. Suddenly you discover that you yourself, as you are, are complete in yourself. And this just makes being with someone so much more beautiful because then you are not driven by need, but have so many things you want to share with the person. And with mutual sharing, there is mutual learning :). I read some years ago “Loneliness and solitude are two different things. When you are lonely, it is easy to delude yourself into believing that you are on the right path. Solitude is better for us, as it means being alone without feeling lonely..” Solitude is blissful, and sometimes you find fun company in strangers along the way 🙂

What you see below is something I drew earlier this year while listening to a Hawaiian song on repeat and remembering my experience of swimming solo in the Pacific Ocean. Seeing it from time to time reminds me of the power of solitude that I mustn’t forget. What are your thoughts on solitude? Any experiences you have had or experiences you’d like to have? 🙂

I am currently reminiscing my solo experiences of sitting in cafes, sipping coffee or gorging on dessert/sitting in bars, sipping wine and enjoying tapas/frequenting a favourite restaurant in a new but familiar city for dinners/swimming in the sea (including floating in the Dead Sea)/going for long walks even on full moon nights/sleeping under a starlit sky/going for a concert/getting lost in the narrow alleys of cities I admire/hiking (even to the most breathtaking historic places ever!)/walking in the desert/long train rides/long bus rides/long flights and long layovers/travelling to new places/exploring cities/museums and art galleries….









One thought on “Solitude

  1. Thanks for the post Manavi. It gave me some important insight into my own life and here’s some of it: if we can feel good and complete by ourselves, we also have no fear to fully love another, be ause we know that no matter what happens, should we be left by ourselves again, we would be fine. I saw how my not-that-developed ability to be in solitude led me to build walls as to avoid true connection with another to keep myself safe from pain. And now I see that’s in great part because I didn’t truly enjoy my solitude and wasn’t at ease with being by myself (despite being sometimes lonely). Ever since I read your post I am discovering more and more this liberating feeling, as you call it, of doing things by myself and it comes at a great time! Thank you dear! C

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