In the words of Marcel Proust,“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” Our mind is capable of seeing the same situation from different perspectives. And as I am learning, developing the ability to understand different perspectives is really important. Why? Well at a personal level, it helps by not letting our limited view on things control us and make us miserable, to really believe there are myriad possibilities and that nothing is impossible. It makes us open minded and helps us grow – the act of hearing others, talking to others, learning from others, just sharing with each other – makes us realise that we may be limited in our understanding of dealing with situations, and that there is much to gain from each other. It helps us overcome arrogance – that feeling of I know it, I know how to deal with it, I can take care of this [No wo(man) is an island after all]. It also connects us to nature at a deep level – to its marvelous workings in ways we did not think we were capable of perceiving before (see photo below). At a societal level, sharing diverse perspectives through dialogue, respecting each other’s viewpoints, and transcending differences by connecting these diverse perspectives to a common goal is the starting point of building harmony in society and the environment we are part of.

As a little experiment, I took this photo below, and as you see it I would encourage you to reflect on what sense you make of it. Please do share as comments, would love to hear. 🙂

[Do not forget to scroll below the photo to read why this was a little experiment on perspective!]


Doesn’t the flower look fresh and real, and the way my fingers are placed on its petals, make you imagine that I was stroking its petals when the photo was clicked?

What it actually is: The flower is from a book cover, and my fingers are wrapped around the edge of the book. How was that for perspective and some visual stimulation?! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. Comment by a friend who was unable to post here:
    I was imagining a certain type of donut , the kinds that have colourful confetti on them, then I saw the texture of your fingers which were resting on the flower. The lines on them , how they form remind me of the landscape of Mars that I think I had seen in the movie The Martian.

    I actually thought the fingers were sort of bringing down a gift wrap from the edge of the box. Like I feel the central part if a knot. …( i tried posting it there but I couldnt)

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