Beginning of my tryst with surrealism

Visually blown away by Coldplay’s latest ‘Up&Up’, I remembered how much surrealism stimulates my mind. I still have a long way to go to get it right, but about two years ago, I attempted to make my first surreal painting:


Surreal enough to be classified as surreal? 😛  Inspiration came from the following experience in the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan:


“View from my ‘room’. Surreal to see the sun setting marking silhouettes of these ancient mountains that slowly disappear into the darkness of the night as twinkling stars with their constellations, and planets and oscillating satellites speckle the sky, and every-time I open my eyes in the middle of the night to stare at my ‘room’ ceiling I see the Milky Way swoosh above me as if by the stroke of a thick paint brush, and at times I am lucky to catch a glimpse of a shooting star sometimes from the corner of my eye, and then the cool desert night breeze like a lullaby puts me back to sleep again, and I wake up to a peaceful silent dawn, the sun again marking lines behind those ancient mountains, and as it gets bigger and the heat stronger I must leave until I find that surreal sunset and the magic that follows again.” – August 2014, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Look forward to giving a creative outlet to more surreal experiences 🙂



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