The staring game – part 1!

I made this some months back and pasted it on a wall right in front of my bed. I stare at it often when I wake up/go to bed. Some times when I am staring at it, I get lost in the pattern, some times in the beauty of the colours .. Some times my eyes follow the flow of  the different colours – and I like to imagine they are pouring into each other. Some times I can’t stop looking at my fingerprints and strokes (I finger-painted it). Some times I am staring at it as a whole and trying to interpret it as different things, and some times just going blank. But at all times I am amazed at how just staring at this, helps me look at the same thing in so many different ways. I like getting lost in it a few minutes every day. It is my substitute for rainbows – if only I could find multiple rainbows every single day in the sky! 😀 When I fix my eyes on it, I at times zone out and my mind feels relaxed. At other times a bulb lights up in my head and I have my ‘aha’ moment for the day! Are there visuals you like to stare at? How does staring at them make you feel? A photo, a painting, a scenery, a landscape, or just a blank wall?

PS: Re-attempting to blog more often than once every three years! :O Slide1


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